Leslie Knope said it best, "It's only the best day of the year! It's like Lilith fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas." I heart Galentine's Day so hard!

And just because a long, day time lunch might not work with the busy schedules of your squad, doesn't mean you have to skip this hallowed day!

Today I'm sharing a few tips + tricks to throw together a quick Galentine's Bash worthy or Ms. Knope herself!

First things first, you need to get your ladies together! There's no rule that says you must celebrate your fellow females on February the 13th. The rules of the girl code clearly states, any date is an appropriate date to gather! A quick text or email invite will give your gals a chance to hash out schedules so everyone can make it!

Spruce up your venue! Snag some flowers from a nearby grocery store and toss them in a cute vase. (This lady one is a favorite of ours!) Set a side a few stems of spray roses to create a cute backdrop for the food + bar. See below!

For this simple install, I just cut each bud off of the stem and used washi tape to secure to wall in a random-y pattern. This would also make an insanely adorable backdrop for selfies!

It ain't a part without a little bubbly! For this get together, we kept everything in a pink color scheme. This grapefruit vodka mixed with sprite is one of my favorite cocktails and pink champagne looks extra festive in February!

Jazz up your drinks with these washi tape drink stirrers! These quick project takes all of two minutes! Just cut wooden skewers down to size for your glasses and add some washi tape to the top. Trim into a flag shape and done! So simple, so cute!

No ladies shall be stuck in the kitchen! Time with your ladies is limited! Spend more of it together, by picking up pre-made treats. Ain't no shame here, doll. We snagged some fresh donuts and frozen desserts from our beloved Trader Joe's and piled them high on pretty cake stands!

Don't miss a moment! The girls had such a blast passing around our instax mini camera and snapping polaroid photos to take home after the party!

Now you're ready to throw together that last minute Galentine's Bash you and your ladies deserve! And if you need a little motivation to get started, just say this, "I am a goddess, a glorious female warrior" and get cracking!

What's your favorite way to celebrate your fellow ladies? Any other quick party ideas? Don't keep them a secret! Share below!

Photos | Chelsea Kaye Photography


Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Though the hubs and I aren't huge fans of the overly-saturated-pink-and-red-explosion, I still can't help loving the idea of expressing my constant adoration of that man in a few special ways every February!

So, today I'm sharing five sweet & non-cliche ways to show your love! These are pretty much all super easy and basically free. It's ain't about the money, honey! It's about the love! (Plus, you won't find a single mention of valentine's day gamble chocolates any where!)

Let's do it!

  1. Take care of a pesky errand. When the hubs mentioned his car was out of wiper fluid, it seemed a lot like useless guy information, but when I was getting my oil changed, I remembered to snag a container of windshield wiper fluid and filled up his car when I got home. A tiny task for me turned into a banner-waving sign that I was thinking about him while we were apart.
  2. Meet for lunch on a weekday. Now, I'm lucky on this one, because my full-time gig is running Celebrate Dallas. That means I set my own lunch hours, so I can easily snag lunch from one of our favorite spots and head to his school! If you can make it work, a quick lunch date with take out food and a set time limit can be a super fun way to reconnect during a busy week. Sometimes it feels like all we do is work, but this move brings back the reason why we're working: to have an awesome life together!
  3. Pull up some old photos to reminisce. Just the other day I was going way back in my old blog archives and found all of these great little snapshots of our college life. Little dates around campus, picnics outside our apartment complex, even details of our wedding planning process. It was so cool to look back and see how much we had changed and laugh at all the things our past selves didn't know were on the horizon!
  4. Make their morning routine a little bit easier. Start their morning coffee, pack up their gym bag, or put together a quick lunch! It's an extra five minutes for you but could get your honey's day off to a rockstar start!
  5. Make them a silly music video with I'm sure I'm a million years behind on this discovery, but I just found and I. Freaking. Love it! It would be so fun to record yourself singing to some silly love song and send it to you main squeeze! It may not get nominated for a music video award, but I bet it will 1000% put a smile on their face!

How else can you shower your crush in love without raiding the cheesy valentine's aisle at the grocery store? Make me smile and share below!!


I think we can all agree that making something inexpensive look super fancy is one of the greatest achievements you can earn as a DIYer!

I fell so hard for the Kvistbro Tables at IKEA. I mean, I bought both sizes! I just couldn't walk away! The wire base is so simple and modern, and the removable top means these guys pull double duty as storage!

The only thing I wasn't 100% in love with was the top. It is that classic IKEA not-quite-white white. So in a stroke of genius, I decided to cover it with contact paper. Amazon did not disappoint with this white marble variety and it took these funky little tables from cool to everyone asking where I got our marble top tables from!

Faux Marble Top Side Table  (Ikea Hack) | Colorfully Curated Living

So, in an afternoon and with minimal supplies, I hacked the crap out of these IKEA finds to transform them into a much fancier looking piece of furniture!

Faux Marble Top Side Table  (Ikea Hack) | Colorfully Curated Living


  • Marble Contact Paper (or any other pattern you like!)
  • Scissors
  • Hard Plastic Card (for smoothing)
  • Xacto Knife
  • Mod Podge + Paint Brush (not pictured)

Start by cutting the contact paper to fit your table top. The larger IKEA table actually needed two pieces and has a seam, but this particular pattern does not make it noticeable at all!

Beginning in one small section, peel back the paper backing and begin sticking the contact paper to the table top. Work slowly in small sections, smoothing as you go, for the best finish.

As you are sticking the paper to the table surface, use the plastic card to really get everything smooth and any bubbles pushed out.

Faux Marble Top Side Table  (Ikea Hack) | Colorfully Curated Living

Once the top is completely covered, flip the table top over and cut away the excess leaving about a 1.5 inch rim of contact paper. Cut around the circle in small sections to make folding in the excess super easy.

By folding the small sections in over the lip, one at a time, you can prevent any weird gaps or folds from showing around the edge of the table.

Faux Marble Top Side Table  (Ikea Hack) | Colorfully Curated Living

Use an Xacto knife to remove the excess paper from the rim and leave a clean finish to the paper.

As an extra precaution, I went over the cut edge with some mod podge to really seal it in place. Sometimes contact paper likes to peel up on you! Not on my watch!

Now it's time to style and enjoy!

We keep our large white table in our studio to fill in the lounge area and I keep the smaller table in my office along side our day bed as a little side table. Perfect for a lamp and a book for any overnight visitors!

Do you love the feeling of making something cheap look all fancy? Any other amazing uses for marble contact paper? Share share share!!!


Calligraphy has been high on my to-do list for a long time! I mean, come on, how could you not want to learn to write like that?!

Well. luckily, I have two amazing friends who made this happen for me. My fellow business babe, Caitlin, got me a private calligraphy lesson with our friend Stephanie, of Ellie & Ace, for Christmas. Talk about ultimate gal pals!

Stephanie and I met at our studio, The Coterie, and dove right in to the mechanics and technqiues of calligraphy. I gotta tell you, it was a little nerve wrecking! I'm not even sure why. Maybe when you're a creative person, you feel the pressure to dominate any new creative pursuit you try? I dunno. Either way, Stephanie totally made me feel relaxed and like I was having fun!

First we practiced, what I like to call, loopdy-doos, (just the basic strokes you encounter a lot in calligraphy) to get the hang of the pen and ink flow.

Then we moved on to actual letters by going through the whole lower case alphabet. I felt like I was back in grade school! lol

After my lesson was over, the obsession took hold, and all I wanted to do was practice more. "Work be damned! I've got writing to do!"

I set me self up with The Office playing the background and just wrote funny quotes from the episodes as they auto-played for over an hour! Calligraphy really is addicting.

Then a few nights later, I broke away from the black ink to try out my lettering skills with a brush and water color! So. Much. Fun!

It's been so much learning this new skill and I'm practically kicking myself for waiting so long to do it! Thank Caitlin for pushing me to accomplish my goals and thanks Stephanie for being an amazing teach and fellow creative #girlboss. Love you ladies!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's already mid-January and I'm just now putting out my goals for the year. I know!

A small part of me feels frantic, like "how could I possibly think I can accomplish anything if it's not out in the whole by the first week of January?!" but a much bigger part of me actually feels calmed and comforted by the fact that I'm taking my time with goal making this year. We can set goals at any time!

I know it feels so cleansing to start new on January first. But the research is in people: most new years resolutions fail! So, when we finished out our busy season with a last wedding on the 7th, I took a week(ish) to really figure out what I want to accomplish this year.

Let's dive in!

My first tactic is to designate an over-arching word for the year: Discipline.

My number one priority is going to be working as hard as I can to follow through and do what I say I'm going to do.

There's a lot of research to support thinking of discipline/will power as a muscle. You have to keep using it on a regular basis in order for it to get stronger, so I'm starting with the little things in order to build up to the great: going grocery shopping on Friday like I said I would instead of backtracking and pushing to Monday, shutting down the computer at 10:00 because I said I was getting in bed at 11, going to the gym every week because I said I would....

Everyday there are little promises we make to ourselves and we can either break them and make excuses and push forward, suck it up, and do them because we said we would. I'm going to be working towards the latter.

So while there are a million smaller goals I want to tackle this year (Take a calligraphy class! Develop a personal style! Get in front of the camera more!), they will all be more easily accomplished by focusing on my word!

How do you handle new goals? Do you have a word of the year? Share below!